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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

some LO to share!

good morning!

I have some LO to share that I have done for the monthly comps over at Scrapbook Savvy.

this one is for Anthea's Sketch Challenge!

This one is for Sar's Random Kit Challenge.. I have used the She's Savvy Kit..you can find them here
if you want one you need to be quick! there is only a couple left... you can even subscribe every month so you dont miss out! Sar also has a "We're Savvy" (which always sells out on the first day!) and a  "He's Savvy" kit... I think there is only a couple of them left as well! If you are a winner of the Random Kit Challenge you receive next months kit for free and you are the guest DT for the month!
The criteria for this month is:

- Rounded corners
- Initial or initials
- Matted photo

This LO is for Sara's colour challenge

Grey, Light Blue / Aqua, White and Yellow.

This one is for Emma's 54321 Challenge, the criteria for this one is
5 or more pearls
4 or more people in the photo....ideally to get out those pesky birthday/busy photos!!!
3 flowers
2 frames of any sort
1 pattern paper

I also managed last Monday to participate in Peta's Blind Scrap Challenge over at .scrapbooking from scratch, for a small charge you can get to do a blind scrap at least once a week, it is a great night with lots of online chatting!

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

woops! it has been a long time hasnt it ???

I cant believe how long it has been since I blogged! I probably havent scrapped much in that whole time either :( I was in a bit of a rut and wasnt really doing much of anything (apparently lol!) But recently my sister and her partner offered me a job in their nursery and Landscape supplies.  It was just what I needed to give me a kick up the butt.. so to speak lol. Being outside and busy has been the best therapy... even know sometimes it can be a bit boring. It was a bit chilly going into work this morning... it was a bit frosty and below zero... but it didnt take long to warm up.. it turned into a beautiful day!

well, I had the most awesome, inspiring experience on the weekend... I went to Brisbane on Friday Afternoon with my friend Julie. We stayed at Chermside.. convieniently across the road from Wesfield hahahaha. We had the lovely dinner and few drinkies (and only just a few too!!!) across the road from the Motel at a Italian Restaurant. And then an early night in preperation for.....

meeting the beautiful and inspiring Heidi Swapp... the first class that we did was from the maker of glimmer mist... Wendy Senger from Tattered Angles. My goodness, that product is awesome! I had some of it, but now I know how to use it hahahahaha....I love it that you can use it on nearly every surface! After lunch we had a class with Heidi where we put into practices that Wendy had taught us..thankgoodness we learnt them first... we would have been completely lost lol
I also had the fantastic opportunity of meeting my lovely online friend Deb... we are friends on a couple of different forums and it is lovely to meet her IRL! I cant believe she is only in Brisbane and it has taken us that long to meet!

And I want to thank Deb's gorgeous sister Angela, for taking our photos and getting them to me soooo quick... lol..thanks hun, it was lovely meeting you on Saturday xx

After such an inspiring day, Julie and I called into the local services club and grabbed a bite to eat... i was so wound up, there was no way I could sleep.. so after a bottle of wine, I made myself go to bed lol.We spend a lovely couple of hours shopping over the road, after a yummy breakfast at the Coffee Club for Mothers Day...
We arrived home about 4:15 on Sunday Afternoon, just in time for me to get cross at Craig for not having his packing done for him to leave for Sydney at 5! I knew I could have to get home and do it all for him..anyway, off to Sydney he went for the week... I am getting pretty tired of him being away all the time.... but nothing I can do about it :(

wow... this post is HUGE... and I have more to share... maybe tomorrow.....
thanks for reading! mwah xxx

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