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Monday, November 15, 2010

New Start!!

Well, today is the day of my new start... I have put so much weight on this year through no excercise, drinking too much and crap eating habits, The real shock was my doctors appointment last week when I was weighed and measured and the doctor told me my BMI was too high and I was well and truly into the overweight catergory... So I set a challenge to myself to start back swimming and walking and today is the day! as soon as the girls get on the bus and I put the last load of washing on the line I am off to the pool and then go for a half and hour walk before my appointment at 10......

I have even shouted myself some new runners as my otherones were quiet old and not very comfortable... I love ASICS!

and I pulled out the kick board that I bought last year and removed the plastic (*hiding in shame*) and my swimmers still fit! yahoo! i didnt want to buy another pair as these have hardly been worn.

ok... off to the clothes line and then to the pool!

have a great day
Donna xxxx


Kate said...

wtg dondon!! im sure we could all take a leaf out of your book! the first day is always the hardest so well done! oxox

Sara said...

Good luck hun. Yay for the swimmers still fitting, I am sure that mine won't :(

Lisa K said...

Go girl - I am riding my new bike, doing Zumba on a Thursday and tomorrow I start with a personal tranier - Looking forward to feeling better about myself!!

Nadia Cannizzo said...

Way to GO!!!

Tess said...

Go you!!!!
I tried on the swimmers I bought in Thailand at the start of this year and they dont fit... So back to burning the fat off my backside!!!
I bet you are feeling better already Donna.. xxx

Josie Dean said...

swap you anytime! I don't feel u are over weight! But good on you for doing something about it! I have lost 4kgs so far! :)

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