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Monday, March 14, 2011

It's about time!

Well...... On Friday I bit the bullet and went and joined the new gym that has just opened up in town
 The gym is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so you can go when ever you like! not that I would go in the middle of the night lol.  All the machines have their own tv and 15 channels for you to choose from!
Today I used every excuse possible to not go... but I kicked myself up the butt and went and did a work out... I only did 30 mins on the bike but holy cow the sweat was dripping off me... I havent done any form of exercise at all since Craig and I had the accident.... nearly 14 weeks ago.

While I was peddling away, I was surfing the channels to find something to watch.... I stumbled across Dr Oz and he was talking about your real age. I dont usually watch his show, but this one got me intrigued. It certainly made the time on the bike go faster!
After I fell of the bike (my legs were soooo wobbly lol) I drove home and then grabbed my laptop and googled the REAL LIFE TEST and decided I would do the test :O Most of you know that I turn 40 at the end of next month.... well, my real age came up as 45. I nearly had a heart attack right there and then... I knew that I had put on weight and that I was unfit,and I thought I ate reasonably well (and drank too much too lol) but I wasnt prepared to see that answer :)
I am sooooo glad that I went to the gym today and saw that show. From now on in I determined that I am going to get my real age down to below what age that I actually am! I went into town again and went and bought this book
No, this is not just going to join all of the 100's of diet and recipe books that I have accumulated over the years.... I have read a few articles about this diet and I have also had a good look at it at the book store on several occasions.  I really think that I can stick to this one as it actually contains all of the foods that I eat :)

So, it is 5 1/2 weeks until my birthday and I am hoping to loose at least 6 kilos in that time! And reward myself with a new dress and shoes (if this damn ankle will let me ggrrr) to celebrate!

Thanks for dropping by
Donna xxx


Fiona said...

Good luck with the weight loss Donna, I am sure you can lose 6 kgs in that much time!

Amanda said...

Good luck with your goal Donna!! I'm sure you can achieve it if you put your mind to it!! xx

Anonymous said...

good on you love! Nobody wants to see a number bigger than what they are, so this is your reason WHY you are doing and your motivation starter!
Love Sharon.

Anne P said...

You go girl. I'm sure you can do it. Go get em.

Anthea said...

good luck Donna! Im sure you dont need it though.

Lisa K said...

Cant wait to see skinny Donna!!!

Moonie said...

good on you Donna for taking that huge massive step. I have tried the gym membership in the past two years and failed miserably due to lack of time and my stinking back... I was always a gym junkie but I have decided a treadmill here at home is going to be the go for me. I am looking at purchasing one in the next month so i will be joining you. x go hard girl.. you and i will get there.

Sar said...

Well done honey! So proud of you. I'd be interested to see what sort of meals you get to eat on this diet?

Kirsty said...

Good for you lovely! You will be awesome! (I am too scared to do that test!!!)

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