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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love yourself more

I was blog hopping this morning when I came across this blog post from galadarling. The first thing I saw was this picture

The first few paragraphs go like this:

"Love yourself more,” we’re told. But what does that mean? What, exactly, does that look like? Does it mean spending the day in bed, or going out & getting some exercise? Does it mean eating a bowl of chocolate ice-cream, or eating a salad instead?
Well, it can be all of these things. The root of radical self love is in listening to your intuition, & learning to hear what your body is telling you it needs. 

I am so glad that I came across this post...I feel that I am in a time of my life where I should start looking after "ME" and take a step back from trying to look after everyone else...... including friends and family and start looking for the real ME... not just a mother, wife, daughter and friend but 'ME -Donna'.

It is time to clean out that cupboard called my head and get rid of all the negative things that keep dragging me down and to move positively forward...

I love this... I am thinking of doing a canvas with this on it and hanging it where I will see it every day

Thank you, all my BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS
for dropping by xxx


Lauren said...

Good for you Donna! Life's too short to worry about the negatives or negative people. Amen sister! LOL

Crystal Goulding said...

So very very ture. I should take a leaf out of your book!

Cherie said...

Great idea Donna!
Might have to make one where i can see it every day too :-)
I agree with Lauren - life is way to short for negative people.

Barb Turner said...

Oh Donna I am hearing you load and clear, maybe I will take on that motto too :)

Sarah said...

Could not have said it better myself Donna. Sometimes you need to put yourself first and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If people don't like it they can go build a bridge and get over themselves. Failing that, buy yourself a good, sturdy sledge hammer. {{{hugs}}}

Kate said...

girl power dondon!! you go for it!!! xo

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