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Thursday, March 22, 2012

dear creative me

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog post yesterday.

I think we are all guilty of wondering whether other people 'like' our creations. I know I am. I am always comparing my work to others and feel like I fall 'short'.

I am always the first one to say 'you are doing it for you, no one else' when someone says that they don't think that their creativity is up to scratch... I'm not very good at taking my own advice am I?

This has been on my mind for a while and I suppose that is why I thought I would try something a little different on the layouts I showed you all yesterday. And then today I received my daily email from The Brave Girls Club. It was as though it was written just for me!

See what I mean? These emails are always so inspirational and they always seem to come just at the right time. You can join their mailing list here.

And what is a blog post without a little creative share???  

This is a layout of my nephews baby girl just after she was born.

I love this 'MME Follow your Heart' range, so pretty and girly :-)

Thanks for dropping by 
D xx


Paula said...

Haha this could have been written for you & me both!!! I love my 'brave girl' emails & also totally relate to the questioning. You certainly need to listen to your own advise ;) Funny I never look at your layouts & think that...your work is gorgeous & I always find something of interest on them :)
Love the hexagons on this layout & that paper is beautiful.

Sarah said...

We are all our own worst enemies Donna but the good news is we are surrounded by a great bunch of ladies who are waiting in line to give us a boot in the butt when self-doubt plagues us. And your work is fabulous ... how do I know that? Coz I lift your stuff all the time bahahahahahahahaha. Love that layout. Wish I could do pink like you do. Mwah

Lis said...

Im the same, I always wonder if my stuff is liked, but I too tell others you do it for yourself. I think too sometimes its good to change it up and try something else, you are always learning and finding new things to try out I think thats one of the things that makes the creative craft so appealing.
Sweet layout :)

Kate said...

beautiful page Donna, I havent had a chance to use that range yet but it looks lovely! chin up :) xo

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