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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Even more LO's

Summer has finally arrived in Queensland :-O It has been sooo hot today and muggy which we normally don't get here, but not surprising really when everything is still soooo wet! And to top it all of we had a bit of a storm here already this afternoon... and has cooled things down nicely :) but I still have the a/c set at a lovely 24 degrees.
Craig and I went to the Chiro again this morning. Ouch! My lower back is still giving me trouble, and he told me that it will be six months before all my ligaments will be back to where they were....he told me that a few broken ribs wouldn't have been much easier to deal with......mmmm.... I wonder what Craig thinks of that?????

I have a few layouts to share that I have done for this month:

Craig is back to work tomorrow (and after 7 weeks at home, I am a bit excited about that lol) and the girls are back to school next week. Soooo.... I can see heaps of creating time coming up!

Thanks for dropping by
Donna xx

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

gorgeous layouts, Donna! Craig will be glad to get back to work.Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work.

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