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Sunday, April 22, 2012

are you there?

Blog land seems to be a bit quiet out there?  Does anyone read blogs anymore? I know I sometimes flick through and look at the photos and not really read what is being said. But I do try and comment of my 'friends' blogs if I have the time.

As I was reading Marcia's blog post this afternoon I thought I would share what I was currently doing as well :-)

Reading: Reading is another one of my great passions. It always has been. I love getting lost in a book, And I love discussing them with like minded people...I was so excited to find  the website goodreads. It is both a website and an app for your iPad/iPhone/iPod. 
At the moment I am reading The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. 
Good reads give this book a 3 1/2 star rating so I thought I would give it a go. It is very slow going, nothing really seems to be happening but I will plod through!

Watching:  my beautiful girls growing up far to fast. For those of you that don't know I have two teenage daughter, Kirsten, 15 and Amanda, 13. And boy oh boy are we having some trying and stressful times with them, but I am also having some amazing times as well. I would do anything to take these damn spiraling hormones away from them and and wrap them in cotton wool to give them a easy life. But I do know I need them to develop their own place in the world and they do have their own personalities, even if they frustrate the hell out of me on a hourly basis... they are who they are and I need to remember that. I also need to take a deep breath and not lose the plot with them either. 

Working On:  finding balance in my life. I work hard at keeping my head in the right space and fighting to keep my depression at arms length. And I do this by doing what I love, being with people who love me and stepping away from things that bring me back down. And that last one is probably the hardest of all. I am a nurturer by nature and I try to help people, but I am starting to realise that sometimes I am the one that needs help.  And I have an amazing circle of friends that I know I can count on when I need them. And to you I thank you from the bottom of my heart xoxoxo

Thinking About:  To steal the words off Marcia ---- Not a hell of a lot really. Just whatever the day presents. I try not to think too much as I have a tendency to over think EVERYTHING! 

Anticipating: oh boy! this is a good one! I am heading to Melbourne on Wednesday and I am anticipating that I am going to have an amazing time meeting up with old and new friends and scrapping the weekend away.. CAN.NOT.WAIT!

Listening: I really can't stand absolute quiet, I think it is because my mind starts to wander and start that over thinking thing again. There is always background noise here at home, whether it is the tv or music.. the only time that I like quiet is when I am reading, then I can escape into that world.

Eating: Eating is always on my mind... telling myself that whatever I am about to eat/ cook is bad/good for me. Over the last year I have gained 10kg. I know it isn't necessarily what I am putting in my mouth that is the problem. I DO know that the cocktail of drugs that I take everyday to keep my depression at bay is mostly to blame... but as I told my husband the other day - I would rather be fat and happy then skinny and in a bad place. I know I have to eat super clean and exercise if I want to get back to my goal weight, but I also know you have to find that balance we call 'life'

Wishing: health and happiness to my family and all of my gorgeous friends... I have quite a few friends over the years that have fought hard against illness...some have been blessed with good results and others not so.  They are never far from my heart or thoughts....

So there is a little bit about me and who I am... why not tell us a bit about yourself and leave the link in my comments section so that I can pop by and say hi

Thanks for dropping by


Anne P said...

that is very cool. It is nice to read a little bit about others. Hope your trip to Melbourne is Amazing.

Paula said...

Wow...that's a little scary, I can relate to most of that! Except... the reading, haha I can't remember the last time I read :( I tend to get so engrossed in a book that life stops around me, which doesn't work with a family ;) ...& my excess weight gain is simply feeling sorry for myself & the health situation that I'm in...which won't be helped by extra weight ;)
Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself...have a brilliant & safe time in Melbourne xo

Anonymous said...

I still read your blog and usually comment but don't think I have lately :o Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful time in Melbourne. Say hi to everyone for me. Take care xx

Leanne J said...

oh Donna.. i havent written a blog about me and what i am for ages.. i've gone to do it and then thought nope.. but you have made me see the light.. i may just start my mindless ramblings of me again. it helps.. so thank you for sharing everything that you are doing.. happy days.. woot woot about Melbourne.. slightly jealous here.. mwah.. and love you and all your love on FB.. super friend....

Moonie said...

Well put and said Donna.. I sooo don't get the time to read my blogs in Google Reader like I did last year. work has taken that place in my life. I miss keeping up with what everyone is doing... but I still think of you all every day xxx

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