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Friday, November 2, 2012


I can't believe it has taken me so long to discover Instagram. I am not sure that my girls like the fact that I have hee hee. As the girls have gotten older I have noticed that I don't take as many photos of them as I did when they were smaller.  But they make up for it with lots of 'selfies' that I steal borrow from their Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

Echo Park 'For the Record 2'

October Afternoon 'Cakewalk'

Are you on instagram? If you are leave your user name in the comments and I will pop over and become one of your followers... oh and my user name is donnaleewhite, don't forget to follow me 

Thanks for dropping by


Monique said...

Hi Donna!
Your layouts rock!
My instagram name is the same as it is on the Savvy forum ;)
I'll make sure I become a follower of you just as soon as I wrestly the ipad from my son!

Paula said...

Fabulous layouts...hehe at borrowing the photos, love the idea. Sadly mine don't take selfies...grrr.

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