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Thursday, December 10, 2009

beware lots of photos!!!

wow... it has been so long since I posted anything :(
I spend most of my time catching up on what everyone else has been doing....

we have had a big couple of weeks... Last Thursday night we went to school for the girls Christmas bash, it is a bbq and a concert that the kids put on for the parents, and a great opportunity to catch up with everyone that you wouldnt normally see.

On tuesday night Kirsten had her graduation ceremony... it is really sad to think that my baby girl has finished primary school.... Amanda thinks it is great that her sister wont be there looking over her shoulder all of the time :)

here are some photos:

Amanda dancing at the Christmas bash

Kirsten dancing at the Christmas Bash

Kirsten getting her Graduation Certificate and other awards

Kirst with some of her friends watiting for the presentations to start
Kirsten singing the first song

With her Graduation Certificate

The proud mum and dad (gosh, look how tall she has got!)


Felicity said...

great photos. biggest congrats to your daughter on her graduation, she looks so proud.
have a great weekend
:0 x

donna said...

Thanks Felicty!

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