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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

where has the time gone???

wow.. I cant believe it is nearly a week since Christmas!!!  Where has the time gone????  Our holiday is nearly half way over... we have started to relax....if only this rain would go away!!!!

We spent last night out on a friends boat near Maclean Island.. it is so peaceful out there... The kids really enjoyed it.... the got to jump of the back of the boat and go swimming or hop in the little boat and go for a ride to the beach.  I really should have applied some more sunscreen to myself though..ouch!!!

Tomorrow, for New Years Eve, we are going to the same friends house for a party....it should be a great night! we are having a sleep over again. Trying to get a taxi here on NYE will be near impossible.  After last year I told her that we should just park the van on her front lawn... doesnt look like this holiday is going to be any different!

anyway, best go, my time on the wi-fi is quickly running out!
have a great new years eve everyone xxxxx

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