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Thursday, June 14, 2012

tonight is lady gaga night!

yahoo! Tonight the girls and I are off to see Lady Gaga at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. To say that they are a little bit excited would be an understatement LOL. A nice reward for their hard work with exams.. I am proud of them both, they have worked really hard for their awesome results that we have got so far.

I saw her in concert a few years ago when she was the support act for The Pussy Cat Dolls. Lets just say she was bloody fantastic and The Pussy Cat Dolls were crap after seeing her LOL

And what is a blog post without a scrappy share??? I did this layout last month for Stuck?! but I didn't get it uploaded in time.

I love this girl to bits, even though she drives me insane on a daily basis... teenagers and hormones are not a good mix.  Especially with two of them in the house!

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Sar said...

Jealous!!!!! Have an awesome time!!!

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