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Thursday, October 4, 2012


When we arrived on the first day we were a bit shattered from our late nights in Townsville. The only thing we planned on doing was going into town to have a look at the markets and get something to cook for dinner. Oh and to have a look at the shopping centre where the girls bought some more shorts... they NEED TO STOP GROWING!

I am only going to share the second day of our trip to Cairns in this post as it will be photo heavy...

We decided to go up to Kuranda for the day so Craig rang and booked us tickets on the Scenic railway for the way up and the Skyrail on the way back down.

This tourist asked Kirst to be in her photo lol
the girls waiting to board the train

The sharpest bend, great opportunity to get a photo of the front of the train

We had a stop at Barwon falls...spectacular
one of the rare photos of me on the whole trip :-/

After we arrived at the train station at Kuranda we went off to explore.  It was so peaceful and cool up there, it reminded me a lot of Maleny and Montville on the Sunshine Coast. After we had explored the two markets and stopped at bakery for lunch we came across this man doing Caricatures for $7.50 each... we watched him do a few and we decided to get the girls done... We had ones of them done at Southbank when they were two and four, I must get them all framed and up on the wall lol

As Craig went to pay the man wouldn't let him go without doing on of him too...

by the time he was finished there would have been at least 20 people standing there watching and ready waiting for theirs to be done....... I think he should have got it done for free!

bloody awesome hey! This one will definately be going up on the wall!

By the time that was finished it was time to get on the skyrail and head back down the mountain.

Craig was a wee bit worried being up so high lol.. especially when I was standing up to take some photos....

And we were finally back on land.. and I had one happy husband lol

After a mix up with our bus transfer back to the train station we were more than ready to head back to the van...

The Footy final was on! The van was way to hot after been closed up all day to watch the game inside so Craig bought the TV outside to watch the game.

 Lots of people in the park would stop and check out the score while they were walking past...

After the game was over it was time for bed... we had an enormous day planned for the next day.

I will tell all about it soon :)

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