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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the first three days of our holiday

A few months ago Craig and his brother did a road trip to Mackay to attend the Mackay Mining Expo, after he arrived there he rang and suggested that on these holidays that we pack the van and head north. 

In his normal 'she'll be right mate' attitude, he wasn't interested in any forward planning AT ALL *sigh*  We have done a few holidays like that before but we normally head down the New South Wales Coast.  

But this time he wanted to go to places that we hadn't been before. On our honeymoon we went as far north as Airlie Beach and I have driven to Townsville with a GF once, but the girls hadn't been further than Mackay and they can barely remember that.

So mid morning on the first Saturday of the holidays we were all packed and ready to go. A bit of a late start for us as Craig had been away for work that week (and the normal important golf game on Friday afternoon didn't help either) and he hadn't packed a thing... I had the van and the girls ready to go of course!

So off we went. We stopped for the lunch in Miles, one of the great advantages of the caravan is that the food is all there and you can pull up anywhere and make a sandwich :) And then a few hours later we stopped for afternoon tea and to stretch our legs.  We had decided to stop overnight at a free camping ground in a small fishing community called Clairview. It was dark when we arrived but this is the view that we woke up to on the Sunday morning.

After breakfast we packed up and headed on our way to Airlie Beach. I rang the Big 4 van park on the road and booked the van site for two nights (we weren't that disorganised lol) And of course as we pull up, Kirst finds out that one of her friends in her class is arriving at the same park about an hour after us.

The next day was our 18th wedding anniversary, so we went for a drive and showed the girls the resort we stayed in for 3 nights before we headed over to South Molle Island for a week for our honeymoon.
The boat harbour where we boarded the boat to the island

putt putt at the c/van park

I was going to try and do the first week in one post but I thought that it might be a wee to long lol So I will be back shortly to share some more :)

thanks for popping by

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Sara said...

You look like you are having a great time. Can't wait to catch up later in the month. :)

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