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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It has happened again!

my last post was of flood photos... well it has happened again but 10 times worse!

This photo was taken 3 blocks back from the creek, and it is the main road through town... no-one knew what was happening on the other side :(

looking up Orpen street, our first house is 3 blocks up from here.. I wonder how it went?

Who would ever think that we would have a sunset over the water in Dalby??? We have been drought stricken for the last 10 years... we wont run out of water now will we???

my parents house.... we now call it their house boat....

sitting in the car in the car park of Dalby Shopping World
who knows what they were thinking building it so close to the creek... especially with an underground car park... A man must have designed it lol

flood sale on brand new Toyota's???

I have taken many many more photos.. but thought I would just share a few with you
We are hoping to leave on holidays today, we tried yesterday but couldnt get out of town... fingers crossed we can today
Thanks for dropping in
Donna xxx


Kate S said...

Wow Donna - it's wet here too but not nearly as impressive as that! If you are heading off today please travel safe!

Anne P said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hope you get out for your holiday.

Kate said...

unbelievable pictures dondon!! hope all your loved ones are safe xox

Charleegirl said...

You know you are just gonna have to move down to the Gong to get rid of all that flooding Miss.... You might just have to stay down here longer :) Na, serious....hope everything is ok back home - sending cyber hugs!!!

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